March 2020 - Western Heritage Consulting & Engineering


Western Heritage Consulting and Engineering

Envision. Design. Build. That is the mantra of Western Heritage Consulting and Engineering and it has been since they first began operations in 2011. Ryan and Rikki Altenburg, the principal owners of Western Heritage, made a promise to each other when they decided to start the consulting and engineering firm, almost 9 years ago- they were going to create a firm that allowed their clients to dream big.

“As cliché as it might sound, we build dreams,” Rikki Altenburg said with a smile. “Each person that buys a piece of land, big or small, has a vision or dream in their mind of what they want. We take that vision and make it a reality. Our real-world experience allows us to reach that destination timely and efficiently, without taking the hard route to get there! Most of our clients want to see their vision shortly after purchase, and we communicate through each phase to build on that initial vision.”

Communication, according to Altenburg, is key. Western Heritage exists to provide sustainable solutions to civil, agricultural and natural resource engineering issues. They serve a wide variety of clientele, from farmers and ranchers, city and town municipalities, state agencies, golf courses and so much more. In each and every one project, the engineers and project managers make a point to stay in constant communication with their clients, from conception, through design and all the way to the construction and unveiling of the project. With every project, Western Heritage Consulting and Engineering has proven themselves to be the firm for full-spectrum services.

“To be ‘full spectrum’ means to be all-encompassing,” Altenburg stated. “We strive to make sure our customers have an easy process with all of our companies. We like to give our client one point of contact to communicate on all areas of a project. We will handle the chaos with coordination, implementation and progression, and give our client peace of mind knowing we are handling the headaches for her/him.”

Gone is the balancing act of trying to maintain and communicate with multiple project heads. Western Heritage covers all of that, answering any questions and solving any issues that may arise during design or construction. They have put together a team of unbelievable engineers who are devoted to offering clients effective, efficient, common-sense solutions, all designed to turn clients’ dreams into a reality.

Altenburg said that the reason their team is able to turn dreams into reality is because of the experience that they bring to each project.

“Our team is highly experienced in construction and engineering, and our team members have agriculture, hunting, fishing, outdoor passions and experiences that allow them to bring real-world understanding and experience to each project. If we aren’t the expert, we will find the expert and consult with them to ensure we deliver the best product to our client.”

For 9 years and counting, Western Heritage has served clients in Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Nebraska, Montana and more. With every project, big or small, simple or complicated, the engineers of Western Heritage have kept the promise that Ryan and Rikki Altenburg made to each other, all those years ago. The reputation they’ve built and the work that they’ve done has allowed their clients to envision big, design bold and build better. Those three words make up the fundamental basis of Western Heritage Consulting and Engineering and they’re the three things that will never be compromised.

Envision. Design. Build.