March 2022 - Western Heritage Consulting & Engineering

More than just moving dirt…

Natural resource construction is by far more than moving dirt. It’s an art, a science and a skill with purposeful intent behind it. When someone asks what we do, it’s hard to answer with “construction.” It’s hard to put into words what bringing a vision to reality does for our owners, our crew and Mother Nature. We are true stewards of the land. We respect the land and the vision of our landowners. Each landowner we work with wants to truly make things better. They want better wildlife habitat, ecosystem restoration, improved rangeland, easier and better water sources for livestock…the list goes on and on. The point is, the landowner and WURX want to make the land better than we found it. I don’t know too many people that don’t stop in awe each time they see a herd of elk, a healthy deer herd, new baby calves jumping and play, a horse running through a pasture or hear the sound of geese.

We often get asked, why would someone spend so much money on a piece of land that doesn’t make them any money. Once you’ve been on a piece of property that has serenity, joy and is full of life…making money isn’t the priority of the day.

“Being entrusted with the physical manifestation of a vision is both a challenge and an honor. The challenge is forging the vision into reality. The honor is in the trust placed in me to deliver the completed project. The process of actualization brings me tremendous fulfillment.” Zach Nelson, WURX Project Foreman.