Building the Future - A Conversation with Joe Johnston, P.E. - Western Heritage Consulting & Engineering

Building the Future – A Conversation with Joe Johnston, P.E.

Western Heritage Consulting and Engineering specializes in civil, agricultural, and natural resource engineering. They know the importance of providing sustainable solutions to clients and they work hard every day to offer those solutions to the community.

Of course, one of the easiest ways to provide sustainable solutions to environmental needs is to roll up your sleeves, take off your shoes and do the work yourself.


Such was the case with Joe Johnston and the rest of the team at WHCE. Every year, the community gathers together on a day in late September to clean the North Platte River. It’s called the ‘Platte River Revival’ and it is something Western Heritage participates in every year.

“It’s the biggest National Public Lands cleanup day of the year,” Johnston stated. “Rikki and Ryan [Altenburg] participate with their young children each year and encourage all employees to give time to this great cause. We had a great time this year! The Platte River Cleanup directly relates to our favorite subject, water, so obviously this was something we wanted to be involved with.”

River cleanups are not the only thing that the guys and gals of Western Heritage are involved in, however. They also sponsor various community events that focus on building the future. The future, of course, belongs to our children, and WHCE realizes how important it is in building up the children of the community. That is why, this year, Western Heritage sponsors the Annual 5k Run/Walk GLOW to China. This is an event that benefits Paradise Valley Elementary School in the community that teaches a Mandarin Chinese dual-language immersion program to students.

“This event is personally close to me,” Johnston said. “My two older sons are attending Paradise Valley [Elementary School], which is hosting what they call the DLI, or Dual Language Immersion program for Mandarin Chinese teaching. The kids get half a day with English teaching and half a day absolutely immersed in Mandarin Chinese.”

He continued, stating that “once they’ve completed all kindergarten through fifth-grade classes in that program, the students and their families take a big trip to China upon graduation. So that’s a really neat opportunity for students.”

That opportunity can only exist because of fundraisers like the 5k Run/Walk, an event that Western Heritage sponsored. When they say they’re building for the future, they don’t mean just in terms of resource engineering. To build the future, we need to invest in our children and that’s exactly what Western Heritage Consulting and Engineering does.

“We’re a natural resources and agricultural and civil engineering firm and the skills that those kids in the DLI Program or any other program that we sponsor- they’re learning skills that can help change the world,” Johnston said.

And, really, that’s what Western Heritage was designed to do- help change the world. One way they do that is by providing sustainable solutions to civil, agricultural and natural resource issues. The other way they do it is by tangibly investing in the community and those who live in it.