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Climbing Mountains and Finding Innovative Solutions: Paragon’s Michael Goodhue

Glacier Climbing

Michael Goodhue is a Civil Engineer at Paragon Engineering Consultants, Inc. whose work consists of stormwater hydrology and hydraulics analysis, storm sewer modeling, and water modeling. Goodhue designs road and site grading and produces reports for submission to regulatory agencies and municipalities, also addressing comments and concerns for Paragon’s partner agencies, municipalities, and clients.

“I enjoy the varied technical challenge of my work,” Goodhue says, “And solving problems with difficult-to-surmise solutions.”

When he’s not applying his problem-solution skills in the office, Michael applies these abilities in a unique matter through climbing, which he tries to fit in (along with running in the mountains) as much as possible. Most recently, he traveled to Kahiltna Glacier in Alaska to attempt to climb the Moonflower Buttress on Mount Hunter.

“The steep and difficult climbing required an extended window of good weather, which we did not get,” he reflects.

“Due to the constant storms and snow, we were only able to climb for two separate days on our three-week trip. However, we were able to climb the Mini-Moonflower route on an adjacent formation, which was a 2000’ ice climb with up to 95-degree overhanging ice.” 

All of our engineers at Paragon Engineering Consultants, Inc. are highly qualified and experienced professionals, and Michael is no exception. Along with our sister company Western Heritage Consulting & Engineering, we pride ourselves on our ability to creatively analyze and provide solutions for our clients’ projects–large or small. Serving the Front Range area since 1994, we have the experience and knowledge to handle all your engineering and land development needs.

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