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Drought and Your Irrigation System

When you’re from the West, “drought” is considered a bad word–and this year proved why. Not only does a scarce supply of water result in decreased forage supply for livestock, decreased river flows for fish and wildlife sustainability, and a decreased food supply for America; it also brings an increased fear of wildfires in or around populated areas.

Western Heritage Consulting & Engineering experienced the effects of drought firsthand this summer in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado. Thanks to the quick response from firefighters on the ground and in the air, few structures were lost. The Ryan Fire in Wyoming was also within a mile from one of our WURX job sites. We’ve discussed the scenarios of what we’d do if this happened for many years with our clients, and this was one of the years that our clients called to say, “We need to do it.”

The it we are talking about in this situation is utilizing your irrigation system as wildfire protection. We are currently working with clients to modify their existing systems, as well as working to install new systems for irrigation, with the capability of turning on during a fire scenario to assist firefighters and save structures.

Winter is a great time to get the design modifications for your systems in place.  Contact us today to talk through your system, preparation is key to prevention: 307-215-7430.