Grit. - Western Heritage Consulting & Engineering



Anyone that grew up in rural America or who grew up watching John Wayne has probably heard and understands the true meaning of this word: keeping your head down and working through things when everyone else is giving up. When you’re tired, push harder. When you’re stuck, think outside the box for a solution.

“Grit” is what Western Heritage Consulting & Engineering was founded upon.

The founders of WHCE grew up in the agriculture world, and raising livestock requires hard work; there isn’t such a thing as “easy agriculture”. The agriculture foundation makes good business people because the same ideals that keep us getting up every three hours to check cows in a blizzard keep us pushing forward in the engineering world: There’s a job to be done and regardless of how difficult it is, it’s going to get done and done right.

Thanks to our passion and perseverance over the years, Western Heritage has continued to serve clientele with unique project challenges. We rarely have cookie-cutter design projects in ideal conditions, and we love it. We’re the firm that looks at the projects that “can’t be done” and smiles.

  • We smile knowing we are going to lie awake at night running scenarios in our head, knowing our designers and engineers are doing the same, until we can say, “We’ve got it!”
  • We smile knowing we are a major component in the water conservation effort in the Colorado River Basin, so our grandchildren can enjoy the same rivers we do.
  • We smile knowing cities and towns across the West have our handprint on the parks, vineyards, subdivisions, ranches, golf courses, and universities.
  • We smile knowing we are the team that responds to our clients when we get the text that says:

“I’ve got another crazy idea: we need to make 12,000 acres in the desert some of the top producing farm ground in America. You in?”

You bet we’re in, and we’ll be on a flight the next day to start the transformation.

The kind of engineering we do takes grit. It takes an entire team willing to fight for a solution, regardless of the roadblocks and challenges we may face. Whether it’s permitting challenges, land acquisition challenges, or supply challenges, we don’t stop fighting. Our firm is full of people and engineers you want in your corner, that will find a solution and avoid breaking the bank in the process.

Whether it’s a simple design, a long term project, or a fresh perspective to give you a master plan, we’ll get it done– and we’ve got grit.