Making An Impact - Western Heritage Consulting & Engineering

Making An Impact

“Size Matters.”

Well, in some instances that saying is true. In other instances “Impact Matters” is a far better phrase,  and the impact of Western Heritage Consulting & Engineering can be felt across the West.  WHCE is a niche engineering firm based in Casper, Wyoming that specializes in Civil and Natural Resource Engineering.  As we all know, the world cannot make additional natural resources–the land and water we currently have is all we get, so we must be proactive about the health of both assets.

Western Heritage’s clientele is compiled of a distinguished group of individuals and companies.  Most clients know what they want, they just don’t know how to get there.  Where most people see just dirt or grass, WHCE sees a blank canvas: A canvas that can be turned into a working ranch filled with cattle and horses, living the western way of life.  A canvas that can be turned into the time spent with kids, grandkids, and dogs on a sporting ranch. A canvas that can mean food security for America on a corporate farm.  A canvas of rivers and streams, repaired and revitalized.  A blank canvas to turn your ground into your legacy.

The impact we make on the environment, our clients and our communities is why we are in business.  We take on projects with the mission to make it better than it currently is, to make an impact that matters.

How can we help make an impact with your next project? Contact us today for a quote.