Description of Work: Private funding with partial assistance from Colorado Division of Wildlife and USDA-NRCS, & GOCO funding. Project consisted of reclamation following remediation of multiple waste water treatment lagoons. The affected site consisted of more than 35 acres of reclamation, which was transformed into a nexus of upland wildlife habitat with a riparian stream through the middle, fed by a small pond and a three-acre constructed wetland. The remaining area was developed into production irrigated agriculture utilizing green manure crops to condition the soil for wine grapes, grain and forage crops. Irrigation types consisted of micro-irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, and typical turf and landscape irrigation practices that utilize surface irrigation water and treated wastewater final effluent. WEBC was the lead consultant with Ryan Altenburg as Project Engineer & Manager coordinating with multiple sub consultants, jurisdictions, special districts, and authoritative agencies. WEBC provided planning, grant writing and application, surveying, engineering design, permitting, construction management, owners representation, construction staking and bid management. Constructed cost of reclamation in excess of 1.2 Million. Client continues a relationship with WHCE for consultation, design, and grant writing for current and future projects.