Colorado Irrigation EngineeringDescription of work: Ryan Altenburg & WHCE assisted Grand Valley Irrigation Company (GVIC) in identifying opportunities to upgrade and improve their canal system, as well as identifying and obtaining funding.  Applications were submitted for numerous sections of the canal system for the funding opportunity announcement and were successfully awarded one of the applications. The award is the second funding provided to GVIC, with subsequent awards following.  After successful award, WHCE & Ryan Altenburg worked with GVIC to develop construction documents for the funding, while coordinating with a second engineering firm to develop salinity saving designs for over 4 miles of canal improvements resulting in salinity savings of over 1,749 Tons-still adding up.  Canal flows ranged from 30 CFS to over 650 CFS to irrigate approximately 30,000 acres.  A synthetic canal lining system with Shotcrete overlay was designed to reduce seepage and conveyance losses, to meet the requirements of the federally funded project.  The construction was self-performed by GVIC with assistance of subcontractors, and construction oversight by each engineering firm.

The development of documents, construction activities, and reporting were all provided to Reclamation in a timely manner. Seasonal scheduled canal flow outages provide hard deadlines that needed to be met to allow farming operations of the community to continue.  Weather related construction delays provided challenges in timing, though deadlines were met.

GVIC and Reclamation have found the work of GVIC and WHCE satisfactory and have awarded subsequent funding to the team.  GVIC continues to utilize Ryan Altenburg & WHCE to provide engineering assistance and contract development for its canal system operations and improvements.