Description of work:  WHCE provided engineering and design services to a private estate for utility distribution, domestic water storage & distribution, gravity & pressurized irrigation distribution & application, high volume pump station, diversion structures, landscape irrigation, fire-flow infrastructure, and potable water distribution design. Site included application to Sport Field, irrigated meadows, exercise track, and intricate landscape system.  WHCE was charged to integrate an agricultural production system with an equestrian facility and residential estate.  The irrigation system was key to the beauty and functionality of the estate.  A fully automated Rain Bird pump system was designed and installed, and has proven to save labor hours for the ranch manager and allowed the nexus of land use to coincide.  An additional gravity fed sprinkler system was utilized to overcome elevation differential and high pressure locations on the ranch.

WHCE was a team member with General Contractor, Architect, & sub-contractors.  WHCE’s design of the project involved over 20,000 feet of irrigation distribution piping, with an additional 5,000 feet of common utility trench including domestic water and power distribution, in conjunction with 140,000 cubic yards of earth work. WHCE provided professional guidance for equestrian and livestock integration to architectural design & equipment selection. Services included engineered design, consultation, landowner and easement coordination, development of construction documents, construction oversight and as-built documentation, and construction contract management.