Description of Work: Provided engineering and design services for inspection and rehabilitation of jurisdictional dams.  As required by the State of Colorado Division of Water Resources Dam Safety Branch, performed investigation of existing conditions of aged jurisdictional dam and design rehabilitation.  Inspection include geotechnical sampling and boring and installation of piezometers, survey of existing conditions, and camera inspections of conduits.  Findings were reported and coordination took place to develop cost effective solutions to rehabilitate the reservoirs and remove reduced or zero storage orders.

Design components include dam hazard classification with modeling and mapping for breach analysis, and downstream inundation mapping.  The spillway and outlet works were designed, analyzed often utilizing HEC-RAS modeling.  Embankment geometry, spillway energy dissipation and channel design, as well as blanket and toe drains were designed.  Services also included landowner and state coordination, federal permitting, development of construction documents, construction oversight, and as-built documentation.