IMG_1708Perform a Master Plan Level I study for the Wyoming Water Development Commission as a contractor to the State of Wyoming for the Hanover Irrigation District.  The District encompasses 13,329 acres, and provides water to additional acreages in other irrigation districts including; Bluff Canal (approximately 3,490 Acres), Upper Bluff Canal (approximately 1,430 Acres), Highland Hanover Canal (approximately 6,545 Acres), and also contributes drainage water to the Lower Hanover Canal & back to the Bighorn River.  The source of water for the Hanover ID is the Bighorn River and from a water supply contract from Boysen Reservoir administered by the US Bureau of Reclamation. The Hanover ID diversion from the Bighorn River diverts water for approximately 24,800 acres in total. There are approximately 520 landowners served by the Hanover ID system.  The intent of the Master Plan Level I Study is to document the existing infrastructure of the canal system and develop a GIS data base for use by the district.  In the process of obtaining GIS data, the existing system and all the structures and components will be inventoried, and inspected to assess the functionality and to determine the remaining useful life.  The system will also be reviewed for opportunities to improve operations and efficiency, preparing designs for replacement of existing components and design of new components.  Components to be designed include managed spills and sediment management structures, water level and automation components, canal flow measuring devices.  Seepage and Geotechnical components will be scrutinized to determine areas for further study and investigation.