Burlingame Ranch Phase II & Parks, City of Aspen, Colorado | Western Heritage Consulting & Engineering

Burlingame Ranch Phase II & Parks, City of Aspen, Colorado

Acting as a sub-consultant to the CMGC contractor and as a Lead Consultant to the Owner, WHCE was contracted to provide irrigation and raw water distribution, storage, application, and pumping for development of Phase II of the Burlingame Ranch Subdivision for the addition of 84 units to the existing 82 unit Phase I project.  This portion of the development was phased for 4 stages of construction including Phase II: Access & Infrastructure, Buildings 1-4, Buildings 5-7, and Final Buildout.  The project required coordination with all disciplines of Engineering & Architecture with lead Architect, OZ Architecture, as well as with the Owner (City of Aspen), Owners Representative (Rider Levett Bucknall), General Contractors (Haselden & R.A. Nelson).  Assistance in construction oversight also required coordination with the existing Home Owners Association (HOA) along with the new HOA and overarching HOA. The project was physically complex as well as administratively, thus WHCE’s responsibility expanded and duties were diversified to coordinate with the City’s’ Parks Department to develop water source diversion and infrastructure, park water feature development, and pumping system and buildings.  Integration of non-potable water and associated permitting became a portion of the scope for using treated wastewater effluent.  Irrigation types consisted of micro-irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, and typical turf and landscape irrigation practices that utilize surface irrigation water and treated wastewater final effluent.