Sub-Surface Drip Project in Southwestern United States | Western Heritage Consulting & Engineering

Sub-Surface Drip Project in Southwestern United States

WHCE supplied design and construction services for a large farm in the Imperial Valley. The 3000+ acre farm resulted from purchase of numerous smaller farms and combined and converted from flood irrigation to a combination of flood and subsurface drip irrigation. The fields were leveled and reconfigured for optimum field layout and configuration to accommodate irrigation and harvest practices, with subsurface drains and existing infrastructure being inspected and often replaced. A network of diversions, reservoirs, pumping plants and distribution pipe was designed and installed to accommodate the drip irrigation system. Approximately 2800 acres of farmable drip irrigation was installed, with 28 million feet of drip tape, and 28 miles of field manifold piping. The drip system was supplied by 15 miles of distribution piping-primarily 24” and 18”, 3 pump stations totaling over 1100 horsepower, with 3 sediment ponds. The pump system is fully automatic, with any alarms or faults being immediately relayed to the Farm Manager as well as WH (currently being implemented). We offer support on troubleshooting for any issues that arise. WH is able to log in to observe soil moisture conditions or pump system status and diagnose issues; then respond to the Farm Manager to offer guidance to resume critical pumping, with very minimal downtime.

The farm crop production is state of the art alfalfa and forage production for export markets, with unprecedented quality and yields. With the continued and ongoing success of this venture, the Farm Manager has contracted with WHCE to do similar work on another large farm. Recent investigations and feasibility studies have been performed for the addition of multiple domestic farms ranging from 2,000 to 12,000 acres each. There is also potential for international farms and operations needing engineering support under consideration.